Limited Time Offer! Buy any wall AC and get the installation at a reduced price.

Our team of experts are ready to advise you and install your AC so you can get the best out of your equipment, ensuring you get your new ACs perfectly installed and the best yield and energy savings possible, all this at a reduced price starting from €100 (excl. VAT).

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Standard AC installations are ruled by the following Terms and Conditions:

The promotion is valid until 31 May 2022 or until advised otherwise.

The client must require the installation when purchasing the AC.

One of our sales representatives will contact the customer to check the details of the installation and provide advice regarding the suitability of the chosen air conditioner based on the dimensions and characteristics of the room where it will be installed. The customer undertakes to provide correct information to guarantee the best possible results.

Once all the details of the installation have been verified the appointment will be scheduled to deliver the unit and install it.
Since this is a limited time offer, the customer must have everything needed in time for the installation appointment, the installation cannot be postponed or delayed. In such a case, the reduced price cannot be guaranteed.

Standard AC installations cover/include:
  • Drilling of 2 holes up to 50cm in a single or double modern wall of limestone and/or bricks.
  • Copper pipes, drain pipes and electrical wiring up to 4 metres.
  • Carrying units up to 2 flights of stairs.

Standard AC installations do not cover/include:
  • The preparation and costs of permits, if required.
  • The need for scaffolding/cranes/high-ups/lifters.
  • Carrying units up more than 2 flights of stairs.
  • Drilling of more than 2 holes.
  • Drilling of walls that are wider than double walls and/or wider than 50 cm.
  • Drilling of reinforced concrete, marble, granite, ceramic tiles or old walls.
  • Trenching of walls.
  • PVC covering (trunking) for the copper, drain pipe and wires.
  • Copper or drain pipes longer than 4 metres.
  • The preparation of electrical points.
  • The need for more than 2 persons working on an installation.
  • Removal & disposal of old units.
  • Working in an unsafe environment.
The client must confirm that can provide a parking space for the installer close to the installation address.
The installer can refuse to install if no parking is available close to the installation address.
Installers reserve the right to cancel an installation which is deemed as unsafe or dangerous.

Compleet IS Services Ltd. reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions and terminate this promotion at any time without notice or further explanation.