Best Price Guarantee

Our commitment to our clients is based on offering quality, value and a peace of mind of excellent after sales service.

We set highly competitive prices for all our products, with a dedicated team regularly checking our prices against other competitors to ensure you get the best quality and value for your money. If we find a local competitor offering a better price for the same individual product, sold with the same service conditions, we will match this price in all our shops and on our website, including when a competitor is having a sale.

Our best price guarantee is based on the following conditions:

  • Offer must be available from a local or EU Retail Store with available shipment to Malta. A Local or EU competitor is defined as a company trading on the same business model as AtoZ Electronics from premises freely open to the public, carrying a reasonable range of goods in stock, with clearly displayed prices and whose website trades under the same name and on the same basis as their retail stores.
  • Comparable price must be advertised.
  • Comparable price must include shipping costs to Malta and all Maltese taxes, if from outside Malta.
  • Identical product must be in stock.
  • Identical product must carry the same guarantee terms.
  • Service conditions including delivery terms are comparable.
  • Promotional price offered by overseas Retail Store competitors are excluded from our price match guarantee, although we will still try our best to help match the price as close as possible.
  • Price match is not available on smartphones and typographical errors.
  • Price match is not guaranteed on special negotiated prices and prices available with loyalty programmes or voucher codes.
    We reserve the right to limit the quantities of price–matched items and quantities sold to a customer.

At AtoZ Electronics, we have a technical service centre which offers over the phone assistance and handles all warranties for products purchased from us free of charge with no additional shipping or other charges when products need to be shipped abroad for warranty. This level of service is not available from other merchants operating on a different business model (e.g. internet based companies, mail-order companies, auction sites, factory outlets, duty-free shops, market stalls, home shopping channels or competitors who are in administration or closing down). Such companies do not normally directly handle after sales service and would require you to return products to third parties, with potentially additional shipping costs at your charge. Such companies are not deemed equivalent Retail Store competitors. We would still do our very best to match the price as much as possible, but cannot guarantee a price match.