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Ratiotec Automatic Euro Currency Note Detector (ratsoldisma - 64470)

Ratiotec Automatic Euro Currency Note Detector (ratsoldisma - 64470)

List Price €124.95 Inc VAT
Cash Price €124.95 Inc VAT
Zone Price €120.95 Inc VAT
Savings: €4.00
AtoZ Warranty: 24 Months

Product Code: 4260114690337


Ratiotec Automatic Euro Currency Note Detector (ratsoldisma - 64470)

Product Description
- Counterfeit notes are no longer a problem with Soldi Smart . The device checks the authenticity of banknotes simply, especially quickly and reliably.

- Prevent payment fraud efficiently. Not only is it safe (100% fake recognition) but it's also designed to be minimal and make operation easier so mistakes now belong to the past.

- Just insert the note - authentic ones are immediately returned to the front while counterfeits are sent back to the back with an audio signal.

- This compact and stylish device fits into every payline even in the most limited. It adapts easily and quickly to any environment.

- You can also place it on wall or shelf surfaces. This protects the device from unauthorized use and theft.

- Or if you need it in different work areas, simply order the optional battery and Smart will also deliver on mobile applications.

- Reliable and compact banknote testing device and quick authenticity check for all euro banknotes.

- Simple and intuitive handling, providing clear results

100% recognition in counterfeit test

Optional wall mount and battery for mobile application

Product Features

- Bank note checker (EUR)

- update-interface

- authenticity check (IR, MG-characteristics, metal thread)

- Incl.: power supply unit

- Dimensions (WxHxD): 130x75x145mm

- Classification: POS > Currency Testers/Counters > RATIOTEC SOLDI SMART

- Part number: 64470

- Manufacturer: Ratiotec