What are zOnePOINTS?

zOnePOINTS are points earned when buying online at atoz.com.mt and are part of My Reward Program, where you can accumulate and redeem zOnePOINTS, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

When buying from our retail outlets, now you are eligible to earn zOnePOINTS when submitting a proof of purchase (outlet invoice or receipt),
and benefit from our zOnePRICES for zOneCLUB members, on presentation of your card. Learn more.

How to earn zOnePOINTS?

For every €1 you spend, you will earn 1 zOnePOINT that can be used against future online purchases. zOnePOINTS are allocated 72 hours after your order has been delivered.

You can check and redeem your zOnePOINTS by going to "My Account", and, under Other Features you click on zOnePOINTS. (Note: you must be logged in to see your zOnePOINTS).

Certain products may be excluded from the scheme or their zOnePOINTS worth may be increased or reduced, at the discretion of AtoZ Electronics.

100 zOnePOINTS are worth €1.

How to redeem zOnePOINTS?

You can redeem your zOnePOINTS in "My Account". Click on zOnePOINTS, under Other Features. The system will show you how many points you have. If you have accumulated enough zOnePOINTS, you will have the option of using them as part of your payment.

Once you redeem your zOnePOINTS, they will be deducted automatically from your next payment as a Gift Certificate. Redeemed zOnePOINTS can be used in combination with other payment methods (such as credit cards, Paypal and more), or as the only payment method.

Earned zOnePOINTS will expire after 365 days.

it's that easy!

If you have any question just contact us or click on this link to check the Terms and Conditions